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Over the weekend I had the distinct honour of reading this powerful novel. A brutally honest account of the author’s experience of depression and PTSD, from her descent into despair, the trials and tribulations of treatment, and the eventual acceptance and learning to cope with these illnesses, Escaping the Rabbit Hole chronicles the psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms of these illnesses and their toll on the sufferer. This book is a “must read” for anyone wishing to gain insight and empathy for the patient, loved one, friend or family member suffering from depression or PTSD.  “This thing called depression is horrible. It is menacing. It is scary. It is like a parasite just eating away at your selfhood, eroding your confidence, stripping away your self-worth, annihilating your hopes and dreams. It tears at your soul, crushes your heart, and saturates your brain with darkness, extinguishing the light of your inner being”.

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Thank you to Tracey Maxfield for her support for Pink Thursday and her stance against bullying. #pink4thursdays Tracey had shared this message with us: Why is it important for us to work together to end bullying and racism? Hi, My name is Tracey and I am no stranger to bullying. From

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