ENGAGE EDUCATE EMPOWER episode 2 with Dr Suzanne Henwood

Suzanne started her professional life as a diagnostic radiographer, her area of expertise was trauma, but over time she wanted to have a greater influence in improving patient care and service delivery and so she moved into education. A long career in higher education culminated as an Associate professor in Health and Social Sciences for a decade in New Zealand, before setting up her own company – mBraining4success (and more recently a joint venture called The Healthy Workplace with Sarah Carruthers).She now works as a coach, trainer and consultant with a passion for stress and anxiety, bullying, leadership and helping people to deeply reconnect with themselves and accept all of who they are.

Suzanne is one of only two Master Trainers in the new field of mBraining globally, so she travels and trains other trainers to spread the vision of creating a world that is more wise and compassionate, through applied neuroscience and how we life our lives.

She lives in Auckland with her husband and two children (and 3 cats!)


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