Services & Supports Available:

Please see professional speaking

  • Personal Mentoring/Coaching


Initial consultation, development of personal life plan, weekly skype meetings, texting and email. On-call support as needed.

Phone/Skype/Zoom Consultation


  • Individual, Family, Parents, Teachers


Private Consulting/Group Consulting


  • Schools/Colleges
  • Health Care Organizations
  • Children/youth groups
  • Religious Organizations
  • Children/Family Centers
  • Workplace


Book Signings and Readings


  • Book Stores
  • Libraries
  • Stop Bullying, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Illness Fundraising events
  • Conferences


Dementia Care


  • Creating Dementia Friendly Environments and/or Communities
  • Assessment of the Person with Dementia
  • Monitoring and Ongoing Assessment/Support of Person with Dementia
  • Dementia Workshops/Presentations
  • Individual/Family Support and Counselling