Dr. Meenakshi Noll

5.0 out of 5 stars – A raw and candid account of battle with depression of a brilliant woman

A captivating personal memoir of a brilliant woman who is a nurse and dementia expert. This is very brave of her to write this open and truthful account of her personal journey with depression. Tracy’s story will definitely empower and give hope to all the people living with this ignored and misunderstood illness, especially women. She was all alone, surrounded only with darkness around her that she thought of death by suicide, and was haunted by it. Instead of giving in, she fought back, gives us an honest and painful account of her everyday struggle. In addition, she has even shared her daily diary that tells us that there is light at the end of tunnel, provided we can keep faith in ourselves during the gloomiest hours. This book is beautifully and simply written with short chapters and great illustrations. I really liked this book especially because women and young girls would find inspiration and courage from this biography of a strong woman.

Dr. Meenakshi Noll

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